Dedicated to all people around the world, suffering from Coronavirus.
Wherever you are
We are sending you the most sincere prayers
We stand with you

We Stand with You

Composed/Performed by Ye Huang
Produced/Edited by Adam Ridhwan

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Hope you enjoyed the visual for FAMOUS. Thank you for watching and being a part of this journey with me.


Music Video


I gave you my heart and soul
You know it’s the truth
My Dreams and Visions
I buried them all with you
Gave you everything I had
And now know what to do
From the edge of this world
To the deepest craters of the moon
Just let go
Don’t look back
Just Let Go
There no sense in regretting all of that


So it says to say
“Just Let Go”
Don’t hide behind the walls of your ego
I know it’s hard for you to unwind
Smoking green buds and drinking red wine
Ease the pain
Oh but you’ll never see my face again


Reginald Wrangler Giving Us An Exclusive Sneak Peak At Some Tracks He Is Working On Live. This Is How He Comes Up With New Track Ideas. Pure Live Talent

Joy Land

Adry – Together – Rock Music

Pop Music

Together from the forthcoming rock music album ‘Notes’.

Adry – Together – Pop Music – Rock Music (Lyrics)

Nothing left of us, when we are not together
The sun doesn’t shine here
And the moon is going down there

Looking for the one but there’s another
She is fading you out
There is no sign of you in my head

Time is an unfair ride it’s getting me high it’s getting me down
When I try to give her a call
She’s far away from home, hanging with another

Nothing left of us, when we are not together
The rain doesn’t stop here
And the ground is taking me down there

Looking for her now but found another
She takes all my time
It’s like you have never been there.